Tuesday 22 July 2008

Death by bicycle

How odd that no sooner should I scribble about cyclists hitting pedestrians, then a young loon on a bike comes within a whisker of knocking me down on the footpath.

I was wandering down the main drag of Five Wog, trying to decide which cafe I should risk dismemberment in by asking for an iced coffee (there are about 10 cafes in a short strip to choose from) when a bloke of about 15 comes ripping around a blind corner, sees me and the old duck walking next to me, slams on the rear brake, throws a broggy and skids around us. I'm sure his knobbly rear tyre almost ran over my foot. He was fairly flying too.

I happen to know the kid - he works in the local supermarket, and is quite recognisable. I must have a quiet word with him next time I am doing a spot of shopping.

The size difference between us is such that if he did flatten me, and I was not knocked unconcious or suffered any broken limbs, then the next thing he would have felt would have been his face being repeatedly driven into the pavement, powered by my foot.

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kae said...

I hope Jer doesn't read your blog. He'll accuse you of raising a violent rabble instead of calling the police....