Sunday 20 July 2008

Life amongst the underclass

I did a Theodore Dalrymple today and put on my pith helmet and paid a visit to the underclass who live just down the road. I blogged last week about the housing commission development on the waterfront with million dollar views - well, here is a view of the development, with an example of their preferred mode of transport out the front.

Yes, that is a nice Mercedes that has had the bogan mod pack applied. Fancy rims, low profile tyres and a good paint job. The owner must spend a packet on washing and polishing this baby.

Note the obligatory fluffy dice hanging from the rear view mirror. I didn't want to get any closer than this, so I have no idea what the interior looks like.

And also note that the car has P plates attached, meaning the driver is 18-19 years old. I am pretty sure this car does not belong to a visitor, as it has been parked there for at least a week.

I guess this is the modern idea of "poverty". Poverty is now defined as having to put up with driving an old Mercedes rather than a new BMW.

Remember this next time you see a whingeing press release from ACOSS.

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kae said...

You sure it wasn't just dumped there?