Sunday 15 June 2008


Sydney is not getting a lot of rain at the moment, but it's certainly getting a lot of wind. Certain parts of the CBD are regular wind tunnels, as this vortex of blowing leaves on Liverpool St shows. The leaves were being blown around up to head height, which made it quite unpleasant to walk through here. The minimum one would get is an eyefull of grit. The worst would be a big leaf straight into the kisser at speed.

Riding home on Friday night was a chore, as it felt like I was heading into a 40 knot headwind. I found a fit bastard and tucked in behind him for the grind across the bridge. I heard others describe it as a "wall of wind".

The funny thing is that I started chatting to the fit bloke, and it turned out that his company is pitching for work at the place that I am currently at. The hilarious thing is that I don't think the people I am working with are even aware of the project, even though it is likely to affect them. Ah, the beauties of working in a large bureaucracy.

My legs are suffering now though after the effort of punching into the wind. It's Sunday, and they still ache.

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