Saturday 7 June 2008

No bike, no car

Today is pick up the bike day, which requires a car with a bike rack. The bike shop is too far away to walk to, and I wouldn't even bother to try and get there by public transport. If I left at 8am this morning, I'd still be swapping buses around afternoon teatime and no closer to my destination. The car is the only way to go.

Trouble is, the car has a bat flattery. Or a flat battery. In the old days, I could always tell when the battery was getting a bit dead. The starter motor would start to crank slower and slower, and you could tell that the battery was short of current. One would have weeks, or even months of advance notice that the battery was on its last legs.

No such warning today. Last night, the engine cranked over normally. This morning - not a cracker. Even the indicator lights on the gear lever failed to light up. It went from hero to zero in less than 12 hours.

So I sit here blogging, waiting for the NRMA to arrive to fit a new battery, so that I can pick up my bike and go for a ride. I haven't ridden for over a week, and I am finding that I have nothing to write about - I think that's mainly because I do a lot of thinking about stuff whilst on the bike. No bike, no brains.

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kae said...

no bike no brains

why did the names Mareeeekee, Traceeee and Catheeee pop into my head when I read that?