Monday 2 June 2008

No more free trade agreements for us

Got boozed with an old friend last night.  They have been in Canberra for a while, and have seen first hand the depredations of the Rudd faffocracy.

About the only thing I remember, apart from being kicked in the nuts at one point, is that most if not all of the DFAT staff involved in negotiating free trade agreements have been sacked by Rudd and his minions.  Rudd understands that if there are no public servants available to carry out a function, then that function will not be carried out.

He can then of course say that he is not against free trade etc etc, but they are nothing but weasel words.  I don't think he has overtly changed our trade policy in a way that the media would pick up, but he has changed it entirely by removing the people that used to implement that policy.

He might think he's being smart, but eventually people will work out that he is just underhanded and sneaky, and too gutless to actually confront the issues that need confronting.  If you don't want to do something, just come out and say it.  We don't need a gutless wonder for PM.

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