Saturday 7 June 2008

Let the healing begin

I almost vomited up my breakfast yesterday whilst reading the Fin Review - there was a story about the US elections in there somewhere and the stupid journalist couldn't help but use a phrase similar to "the healing process is about to begin", used in reference to the Democrats.

What a load of unadulterated tripe. What is wrong with editors these days? Where are their red pens? Why are big, fat red lines not drawn through dribble such as this?

As usual, I am aghast, but not surprised.

Why couldn't he just say, "The warring parties are going to sit down and try and thrash out their differences, and attempt to negotiate a truce that will last through to the real elections in November; after which, war will once again break out between two sides with irreconcileable differences".

Healing. If I cut myself, my body heals. If I have an ideological difference with someone, the rift never heals. It festers. Obama might be able to paper over the divisions in the Democratic party, but the old rifts beneath will be turning gangrenous rather than going away.

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