Thursday 19 June 2008

Is it a man? Or a woman?

I was at one of my several places of work recently when I looked through a glass partition and saw a woman on the other side. Now this was quite incredible as I have been working on and off at this place for 8 months and, apart from the receptionist, I have never seen a woman in the place. It is more of a male preserve than the gentleman's clubs of yore.

Then she opened her mouth to talk on her phone, and I was suddenly having second thoughts - her voice was deeper than mine, and I have been told once or twice that I could work on radio doing those sappy love song dedications, since I sometimes have more gravel in my throat than the average farm driveway.

I just had to get closer to find out what was going on, so I went into the area where she was working and checked her out more thoroughly - or at least as thoroughly as you can be when you have about 0.5 seconds to glace at someone so you don't look like you are staring.

No Adams apple. Hips the right shape. Slight hint of breast.

I did the old head-tilt thing at my work colleague and he also checked her out. Then we got in the lift, waited for the doors to close and burst out laughing, saying "What the fuck?"

Don't get me wrong - I am used to trannies and drag queens and the rest of it, having spent a few nights in a certain pub in Newtown being entertained by the "artists" (and getting my knob grabbed) and also having walked home via William St many times late at night. I don't find queers or trannies or anyone of an unusual sexual persuasion to be odd - but this woman just cracked me up.

I am still uncertain as to whether the "no women" rule at this work site has been broken or not.

(By the way, there is no "no women" rule as such - it's just that the particular industry segment that I work in has a vanishingly small number of women working in it).


kae said...

Sometimes you just wonder.

kae said...

Can you email me? I can't find yours.