Sunday 15 June 2008

One wastoid kills another

Casula. Had to go there for work once. Never going back. All that the name of the suburb is missing is an "m", and you could re-arrange some of the letters to spell "slum".

So I was not surprised when I read this story. Call me heartless, but I laughed, and not just once. I read it out to a colleague in the office and we both had a laugh (my second).

For starters, check out the picture of the victim. Baseball cap, tracksuit top and stupid hand signals. Probably some bling there somewhere. I look at this photo and think "gang member", followed by other unkind thoughts ranging from "petty criminal" to "drug dealer".

ie, I do not see a fine, upstanding member of the community.

Then come the classics.

He's 15.

His girlfriend is 15.

They have a 5 month old daughter.

The daughter is called Breeze.

I get the feeling that this trio would be sucking on the welfare tit for the rest of their days. Normally in a story like this there are tributes from teachers at the school (none, meaning he has probably been wagging school for yonks), tributes from work mates (none, so he might have never held a job) and tributes from groups like the Scouts or a sailing club or a football club (none). The absence of such things says a lot.

I do not have a link to an intermediate story that I ran yesterday, but it said that the dead guy ran out into the middle of the Hume Highway, which is 3 lanes in each direction at that point (and very busy) naked and wrapped in a blanket. He then lay down in the middle of the road. A car slowed down for him, and he punched at it.

Think of the mental state that you'd have to be in to get naked, walk into the middle of a busy road, lie down and then punch at cars going past. You'd have to be wasted, either on booze or drugs. And remember that this guy is 15 years old - too young to drink. If that's the case, why did DOCS let them keep the kid? Not the best family to grow up with.

He was then cleaned up by another car, which took off. The Police spent about half a day looking for the driver before he handed himself in.

It now turns the driver took off because he has a string of convictions as long as your arm.

There was more meat in the article published yesterday, but this is a taste:

The court heard Khodr, who is separated and has two young children, has a history of criminal and driving offences including dangerous driving, driving while disqualified, assault and robbery.

He was jailed for four years in 1999 for maliciously wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm after driving his car at a person.

His licence was most recently disqualified in March 2006 for three years for dangerous driving.

One wastoid dead, another going to jail for a while. What's there to not like about that?


Here are some links:

The Australian:

He then laid down in the middle of three southbound lanes on the Hume Highway, the facts read.

He got up to punch a car that had slowed past him, witnesses report.

Khodr, who was driving his ex-girlfriend's car at the time, has been disqualified from driving since being convicted of driving vehicle reckless/furiously in March 2006.

He also has a number of other driving convictions, breaches of bail and assault charges and operates under 21 different aliases.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Andrew Pike told the court Khodr should not be released because he was on breach of bail when the accident happened.

"We're not trying to sensationalise this matter, it's a tragedy, but it could be summed up in one comment: he should never have been driving," Sergeant Pike told the court.

"If he was following court orders and not driving, the young man would still be alive."

(I dispute that last statement - someone else would have hit and killed him. We should be thankful that a fuckhead killed him rather than say a respectable businessman with 3 kids.)

I'm nominating the kid for a Darwin Award.

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No complaints here either.

Reminds me of this case. Both feature cars and 15yo sperm receptacles!