Saturday 21 June 2008

Summary of annoyances

What a fucker of a day. I'm not going outside anymore - there are too many annoying people out there.

I go to the dry cleaner to pick up some stuff. Just as I get there, the power goes off, which means the shop computer is dead, so they can't find my clothes on their totally automated system. The shop also happens to contain a big fat bastard that has no idea of how to act appropriately in front of customers. Not swearing is a good start.

The about 5 stupid pricks cut me off whilst driving too and from work. It was one of those days on the road. I was tailgated, had people change lanes without indicating and had to deal with two fools who were so intent on talking on their phones, they couldn't stay in their own lane. I don't know what got into people today, but as I continue to say, it is a good thing I don't have a firearm in the car. If I did, it would be a case of "I see dead people". Here is one of them.

Note the stupid fluffy animals on the back window ledge, and the phone glued to the ear. This guy had a heavy beard by the way.

What else?

I go to Gloria Jeans for a coffee, order a 'regular' sized one and am given an enormous beaker of horrible coffee - and that was $3.80, thank you very much. The pricks have caught the Starbucks disease. Am avoiding them in future.

I broke my favourite screwdriver.

I walked past a newsagent that had a big poster in the window stating "Aussies now worlds fatest", so I went next door and bought a chocolate eclair. It was very average. Not eating another one of them.

I went to a kebab shop for lunch, one that I have never tried before, and they wrapped the kebab in foil before grilling it. The result was bits of tinfoil baked onto the bread, and I had to spend a few hungry minutes picking bits of tinfoil out of my lunch. I hate getting tinfoil on my fillings. Worst feeling around, apart from that of having the fillings installed in the first place. Not eating there again.

Yesterday was not much better. I was scolded by a pedestrian for blasting through a cross walk in front of her, but I only did that because (a) I was going 50km/h downhill and (b) she decided to not look or give any indication of wanting to cross there before darting onto the crosswalk right in front of me.

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