Sunday 8 June 2008

It's our money

Thanks to Andrew Bolt, I got to watch an ABC interview online last night between Tony Abbott and Bill Shorten.

They were debating climate change, and I almost fell off my chair when the interviewer, Virginia Trioli, came out with a statement that showed how confused she was about where the government gets its money.

The gist of it was that someone has to pay for all this climate change malarkey, and it's going to cost a bomb - that much she made clear. She then asked Tony Abbott about whether the government should pay for it instead of taxpayers.

Ummm, duh...... did you leave your brain at home this morning, Virginia? How can they allow such an incredibly brainless person to be in front of the cameras asking questions.

Here is your answer Virginia - we taxpayers fund the government. The government gets its money from us! It does not have a magic fruit machine that produces money out of thin air. Every cent it gets has to be extracted from the pocket of you, me and everyone else.

I have long had a view that the ABC was biased, but until today, I didn't believe that it was both stupid and biased. Maybe we've had it wrong all along. Maybe the ABC is not biased - instead, the people that work there are thick as two short planks, and can't grasp concepts that are slightly more complex than simple slogans.

Maybe that is why the Left loves simple slogans. "No blood for oil" and all that. Simple concepts for simple minds.

Trioli should be taken off the air. She is not bright enough to interview politicians. I wouldn't even put her on Playschool.

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