Friday 20 June 2008

Most cyclists don't go very far

From The Times:

The latest figures show that the number of cycle trips has fallen, down from an average of 17 trips per person in 2000 to 16 in 2006. The average cyclist made six trips a week by bicycle in 2006, spending just under two hours in the saddle and covering 14 miles.

Ruth Kelly, the Transport Secretary,said: “A quarter of journeys made every day by car are less than two miles. Cycling could bring real health benefits to millions of adults and children as well as helping them save money and beat congestion.”

I don't know how to feel about numbers like that. I do 8-10 trips a week and spend 6-7 hours in the saddle and cover 100-160km (depending on the weather).

I can't imagine driving 3km. I also can't imagine cycling that short a distance. I used to walk up to 20km a day (7km each way to work, plus the usual here and there that the average day involves), so I tend to walk if I can. I don't get on my bike for anything less than a 10km ride - on a weekend, anything less than 25km.

But they have a point - if I had a "knock-about" bike, I might be more inclined to jump on it and do short runs of 1-3km. But our helmet laws don't make that very enticing. I have a manky helmet - and you would too if you sweated rrofusely into it twice a day.

Must remember to wash it tomorrow.

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