Sunday 29 June 2008

It's a funny old thing

The paper today is claiming that Iemma is going to be dumped as Premier of NSW.

The funny thing is that, as a Liberal, I actually don't mind the bloke. I like some of the things that he is doing a lot.

Electricity privatisation? All for it.

The recent changes to planning laws? All for it.

Recent statements on personal responsibility? All for it.

In lots of other areas, he is completely hopeless, but it is the top two that are giving him the most grief, and I reckon in that area, he is doing a good job.

Those that push through change are never loved. Carr sat on his arse for years and did very little, because he had a desperate need to be loved. I respect Iemma for dealing with the crap that Bob left behind, and for not crying about it.

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