Monday, 18 January 2010

Monday photos

A couple of badly exposed, badly taken photos to start the week. We start with the first of a number of libertarians that I saw today - people cycling without helmets. The local Safety Nazis insist that we don proper headgear before venturing out for a quiet peramble around the locality. The forces of resistance appear to be gathering - as well as seeing a lot more cyclists on the road these days, I'm seeing more who are going nude up top. No plastic covers for them.

That said, this guy was a complete pansy who went up hills like a blanc mange.

The Electric Guy. I followed him for a short distance, and noted that whenever he hit a slope of some sort, I could hear a whine from his bike. When I got alongside, I could see the huge silver battery on the front tube of his frame - you can see the top half of it behind his right leg. Having power assist is a great way to avoid arriving at work in a sweaty lather (like me, with sweat generally dripping off my nose onto the carpet), but why ride if you're not going to do it in order to get the blood circulating at high speed? It's like having sex with an inner tube wrapped around your knob.

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kae said...

"It's like having sex with an inner tube wrapped around your knob."

How do you know?


It's the same question I used when my Aunt said my house looked like a brothel on a Sunday. Since when has she been visiting brothels, and on a Sunday to boot?

WV: paecksav
knob in an inner tube (though I think they left an 'r' out)