Thursday 18 December 2008

We need a new coroner

The current one is fucked in the head.


Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more, BOAB.

Succint, accurate.

Anonymous said...

WA, Boddington to be precise, has just had overnight the second pursuit related fatality (reported like it was Victorian Police shooting another perp!) on the same stretch of road, pehaps even the same tree. RBT roadblock, car U-turns and speeds off. Police commence pursuits, arrive at wrecked and burning car, another Darwin award candidate incinerated. I predict many hundreds of thousands of dollars will be spent to try and develop a new protochol to prevent this re-occurring. Far more effective would be a long term hard bitten cop to get on the TV, and say "STUPID STUPID person. Dead, poor family left behind. Officers receiving counciling at the Christmas BBQ (all staff buy them a beer) next story please."

Let the community boil in indignation at the callousness of it all, realise they will not get any special treatment, maybe (MAYBE?) learn something and the world moves on.