Saturday, 6 December 2008

Daily gossip

Anyone seen or heard of the water cannon that the NSW Police procured with such fanfare a year or two back? It was supposed to have been used for riot control and that sort of thing. Informed gossips tell me that it hasn't been fired up since it was bought, so no one knows if it still works. About the only thing it might be used for this year is fighting the odd bushfire - assuming anyone knows how to work it.

The riot squad did visit our suburb recently. It wasn't because the white trash down the hill were fighting the local wog boys - they deployed in their shiny black Landcruiser in order to collect a large order of fish & chips from a five dock seafood cafe. At least the riot squad had the common sense to park legally whilst they collected their bounty - Burwood command sent their donated VW van over a week or two back, and it parked in a bus lane whilst they waited for the fish to fry. If that had been spotted by someone with a cranky nature, the fish would not be the only thing being fried after that escapade.

Spotting those two plod vehicles was a good thing for me - it gave me faith in the quality of our local fish and chip shops. There is an excellent one down towards Drummoyne, and until now, I have been driving down there to get my feed of fried fish. No longer. If our local greasy spoons are so good that they tempt the riot squad to drive here from Silverwater for a feed, then it is good enough for me.

And they are good. Very good. Thank you, Burwood command, for illegally and stupidly parking and sending everyone a message about the quality of the locally produced shark-in-batter. (And I have a blurry X-Files like photo to prove it. I once again curse my Nokia N95 for the piss poor photographs that it takes, and the length of time it takes to grab a snap).

Whilst we are on things Police related, I am told that the number of unauthorised discharges of Tasers is quite shocking (ha ha). Apparently quite a few thick fingered plods have electrocuted their lockers, notice boards, desks and so on as they have holstered and unholstered their weapons at the start or finish of a shift. I do not know if one plod has zapped another yet - but that can't be long in coming if the current keystone komedy routines kontinue.

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