Sunday 14 December 2008

Is it that hard to count people?

From a story in WA Today:

From Saturday the community, which houses between 100 and 500 people, will be classed as a restricted area under Section 175 of the Liquor Control Act
Eh? Houses between 100 and 500 people? That's a rather wide variation. I know the WA education system has gone to pot, but surely people are still able to count with some accuracy?

It could be that the numbers vary on a seasonal basis, or when certain festivals (or whatever) are in progress. But if that's the case, then this is a very badly written article. If I was writing about a seaside tourist town like Yallingup, I might say that only 300 people live there in winter, but that the population swells to 5000 in summer with the influx of tourists and holidaymakers.

If the actual number of residents is in fact fluctuating that much on a regular basis, for whatever reason, it's no wonder we have so much trouble delivering basic services to blackfellas. Does this mean that families are moving here, there and everywhere, which means that their kids are also being yanked from school to school? What sort of strain does this put on those tasked with providing housing?

Or is the place setup to sleep 100 people (let's say 20 homes with 4 bedrooms, sleeping 2 adults and 3 kids), but they simply cram 25 people into each house when they feel like it?

Whatever. I don't have the energy at the moment to explore this conundrum. Let me just put it down to shit house sub-editing.

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Margo's Maid said...

Looks like it's a highly transigent population, BOAB, as expressed by this article: