Tuesday, 23 December 2008

A plaugue of ibis be upon you

Bloody ibis. They're everywhere, and they are breeding like rabbits.

Global warming must be good for them, given that they infest every Sydney park like fleas on a mangy dog.

The council won't allow you to shoot them. I don't know if they make good eating or not - perhaps they could replace the turkey as Christmas fare for the white trash down the hill? They could roast them on spits over fires made of stolen outdoor furniture.

Given that the like flat, open grassy areas, I don't see why the problem can't be solved with some golf carts, a few cartons of beer and some hockey sticks. (If you can't figure it out, it means you get drunk, hoon around the parks in golf carts and brain the birds with the hockey sticks. Golf club shrfts tend to bend when they come in contact with a bird brain, no matter how small).


kae said...

I doubt they'd make good eating. Filthy bloody things carry salmonella, too.
Idiots at work feed them, or they help themselves when the waiters don't clear the tables often enough.
Some nong at one of the cafe's at work was feeding the butcher birds rubbish and I told them it wasn't a good idea, aside from it not being good for them, it encourages them to come to eat, and they are bold!

kae said...
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