Saturday, 13 December 2008

Elvis has landed

I have seen no mention of it in the local press (but then maybe I have not been looking hard enough), but the two water-bombing choppers that NSW leases every fire season have arrived. I was driving over the Anzac Bridge on Thursday, and both were parked on the dock below. A mate told me that he had gone past in the morning, and a crew was unfolding the rotors etc. When I went past, the rotors were out and a light was flashing on the top of each and they looked ready to go.

How on earth did they get there though?

There was no ship parked at the dock, so if they had come by ship this year (rather than by Antanov), then the ship had split early in the morning. I doubt they were flown in, given that they were being worked on in the morning.

The mystery deepens.

Elvis by the way is what one of the choppers is called.

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