Friday 12 December 2008

Cranky cow - Part II

We had some friends over for dinner this week, and I regaled them with my story of being baled up in a supermarket by the cranky cow.

One of them immediately responded by saying that she had also been abused in the vicinity by an American lady, so we swapped descriptions and decided that it was the same woman.

I was formulating a theory that maybe she got mad at me, a male, because I did not show what she thought was the appropriate level of courtesy to her, a female. But my fellow abuse sufferer just happens to be a female, so I take it that the cranky yank cow is lashing out at anyone that crosses her path.

From watching the facial expressions of the cranky cow, I get the feeling that she gets her kicks from belittling other people. It makes her feel good. I guess that makes her a sociopath of some sort. I wonder if based on this experience, whether the cops will let me have a taser - just in case I run into her again one day.

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Anonymous said...


My husband is mad enough to have a DVA psychiatrist and regular fortnightly chats. The doc has said that most psychopaths wear suits.

His favourite is Al Dunlap, who he believes should have been certified years ago. My husband's former business partner apparently runs a close second.

He owns some nice suits, though.