Monday, 22 December 2008

Post Office confusion

Thanks to our insane banking regulations, I had to get some documents certified recently. I wanted to open another account with my bank, and have it attached to an existing account. You'd think that would be easy.


One needs to present proof of identity and all that crap to show that I am who I really say I am.

The simplest way to get stuff certified is at the Post Office. When I was down that way posting some stuff to PNG, I enquired how to get it done.

Post Office flunky: "You bring your passport to us, we copy it and then certify it."

If I had my passport on me, I would have done it on the spot.

A week passes, and I front up at the Post Office with my passport.

Post Office flunky: "You need to bring your own photocopy. We don't have a photocopier".


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