Monday, 15 December 2008

One simple step to save the planet

Is it possible to go for a walk to the shops without being annoyed by pairs of Greenpeace haridans? I swear, if they bug me once more, I am going to start driving my 4WD 200 yards to the shops - just so I can avoid these fools.

At least they have discarded those koala suits, which is a pity. When they're wearing half a tonne of Chinese made fake-fur, not only can you spot them from a mile away, but their vision is so restricted by all the sweat running into their eyes that they have difficulty finding a target. Plus they can't hear you sneaking up behind them in order to plant a boot right up their arse.

Take it from someone who knows about these things, even if it involved wearing a Care Bear suit instead of a koala suit.

The dreadlocked simpleton who bailed me up today (or who tried too, as I walked past going "pfft" and rolling my eyes) had this as his one liner:

"I'm sure you want to join Greenpeace and save the world".

Hmm, think about that for a moment. All you have to do is fill out a form, pay some money and Hey Presto! , the world is saved.

No more poverty.

No more disease.

No more hunger.

No more wars.

No more Al Gore. (Oops, got a bit carried away there).

I think that saving the world will require a bit more effort than swiping a credit card and then putting up with greenspam emails for the rest of your life - or until the Greens get around to eliminating the use of electricity, and sending us out into the rice paddies for a living.

Ponder for a moment the hubris in that statement - they're almost as bad as Gordon Brown (although he thinks he has already saved the world). Greenpeace has surplanted Jesus and Budha and Mohammed and so on as the path to salvation.

One might call that "getting carried away".

I do wonder though whether Greenpeace still has a mission to perform now that The One is headed for the White House (unless Gov. Blago trips him up first). Is there any point in still having Greenpeace and all these other 'save the planet' type organisations when the yanks have elected someone that will push their agenda left, left and left (I don't think you an use the phrase "left, right and centre" where O'payoff is concerned.) Their job is done - after 30 years, they have succeeded in getting a true believed elected. They can pack up their tents and go home. They can close their offices and fire their rent collectors (oops, donation seekers) and sack their lobbyists and cease publishing their newsletters. Their fleet of ships can be laid up and their warehouses full of posters and papier mache heads can be recycled in an environmentally concious manner.

Think there is any chance of that happening?

Ha ha ha ha ha! Not when the biggest, fattest, juiciest, richest gravy train is about to leave the station. These rent seeking leeches, ticks, vampires and cling-ons will be the first clamouring for a wheelbarrow or ten full of cash.

I'm just hoping the O'blago will send the 7th Fleet down to Antartica to sink every Jap whaler afloat. Not that I am against whaling, or the Japanese in general. I want to see what happens to all the 'save the whale' operations once whale hunting has gone the way of the Combined Fleet.

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