Wednesday 7 September 2011

Wednesday photos

Is it Wednesday already? Flipping heck, the week has gone fast. Speaking of fast, above we have fast meets slow. The hills always sort the sheep from the goats, even the gentle slopes. There are those that crawl up this incline in low gear, and there are those that punch up it at 30km/h+.  I was trying to overtake this bloke as he overtook the woman on the left, but it's too hard to accelerate going uphill when you've got one hand on the camera.

There's one bloody idiot in every crowd
Red light jumping fool.

The harbour and the Opera House

Beautiful crisp, clear skies this morning. That meant that it felt a whole lot cooler than the temperature gauge was letting on. I made a comment along those lines to a fellow cyclist - his response was, "Thermometer says 12, feels like 5". How right he was. Could have done with those leg warmers this week.

ANZAC bridge at sunset
The annoying thing about this photo is that the sky looked even better once I made it over the brow of the bridge. However, at that point, I was descending at about 40km/h, and ducking in and out of the pedestrians, and I really didn't want to risk taking a photo. It was the most magnificent sunset - a real "God shining through the clouds" sort of sunset.

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