Friday 30 September 2011


Check out this lopsided backpack. Just hopeless.

Speaking of which, I loaned Junior one of my backpacks recently - a medium sized daypack.

When I handed it over, all the excess straps had been bundled up tightly and wrapped with black electrical tape. I could jump up and down and ride at high speed and the pack didn't budge, rattle or have any flappy things flapping off it.

It was returned with straps flapping in all directions.

A certain type of person will understand why I got upset.


cav said...


Don't forget when retaping the straps that the join must be on the inside of the strap so it can't be seen.

Boy on a bike said...

Aha! ha ha!

I knew there had to be one!

JC said...

Lopsided pedaling too, lost the clip/strap on the right...