Thursday 1 September 2011

Thursday photos

Courier. 'nuff said.

The morning "snake" winding its way across the Pyrmont Bridge. There were 4 bikes in front and half a dozen behind, all weaving in and out of the pedestrians.

I ride in lycra, and move as fast as I can. This bloke was wearing suit pants and black business shoes, and moving at a very relaxed pace. It's fine at this time of the year when it's below 20 degrees in the morning, but in a month or two, this would be a great way to arrive at work totally sweaty.

Another electric bike. I seem to be passing one of these every day.

The Blob
I know what you're thinking - "What the hell is t his photo all about?"

Those white blobs on the oval are blobs of foam. They've been dropped there by a spray rig to mark the sections that have been sprayed for weeds or whatever. The boom of the spray rig has a nozzle on the end that's connected to a tank of bubble stuff. Every 10-20 feet, it pumps out a blob of foam, and that gives the operator a visual marker as to the area they've covered. I've seen that being done on lots of farms, but never on a city oval. Has the city finally caught up with what the country has been doing for 20 years?


What's an Agronomist? said...

The city is still behind. Most boomspray rigs on broadacre farms now have GPS-guided auto-steering and auto-switching (the boom knows where it has been and switches sections off to prevent overspraying).

cav said...

Gimme dogs arses anyday!