Monday, 12 September 2011

Monday photos

Harbour Bridge, on a bit of an angle

This morning didn't start out too well. The kids came in and woke me up at 0530. My eyes were crusty and my nose so blocked, I couldn't breath through it at all. I almost ruptured a blood vessel trying to clean the goo out. It was cold - less than 9 degrees. I seriously considered having a shower and catching a bus, but then hardened up and decided that a ride would either kill me or cure me.

Surprisingly, once I hit the road, my lungs cleared up and my legs were loose and free spinning. I actually started moving pretty rapidly - so rapidly, I had tears streaming from my eyes in the cold morning air. Unfortunately, I went too hard going both to and from work, and I am now utterly shattered. It will be bedtime soon.

Pyrmont Bridge - 0715
The Pyrmont Bridge is a madhouse once the morning pedestrian traffic gets going around 0745. You can barely crawl across the bridge. I try and get onto the bridge before 0700 (or 0630 in summer) so that I avoid the usual snarls and baton waving council Rangers.

Pyrmont Bridge, 1715

The start of the evening peak - this photo doesn't do the madhouse justice. It took me 3 times as long to cross the bridge this evening as it did this morning. The worst thing is pedestrians aimlessly wandering about talking on their phones, not looking where they're going.

The open road at last.

Stupid photo
Blasted graphics software refused to let me crop this photo. Which is why it's a stupid photo. That is all.

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