Tuesday 27 September 2011

There's hope for us yet

From the Silly today:

But it is the loss of faith in the federal government that is most striking. Only 30 per cent of people believe Canberra can be trusted to do the right thing - a sharp drop from a 2009 high of 48 per cent when Kevin Rudd was in power.

Hooray. Most people have finally figured out that leaving things to government does not produce a land of milk and honey populated by unicorns. I've been inside government - I've been a bureaucrat. I know what a completely screwed up place it can be, and how little most public servants care for the public they are supposed to be serving. There are exceptions, but in the main they are lost in a tide of indifference and arrogance.

What I want to know is who that 30% consists of. Can we round them up and deport them to North Korea or Cuba?

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