Sunday, 25 September 2011

I don't get it

According to the Greens, urban consolidation is a good thing and urban sprawl is a bad thing. Higher densities are required in our inner suburbs etc etc.

If that's the case, why are the Greens vigorously protesting against every medium and high density development in our area? Why are they doing their best to make apartment developments uneconomic by imposing stupid zoning restrictions on them, and forcing developers to include "affordable" apartments?

I just don't get it. Is it that they want higher densities, but just not where they happen to live?


English Pensioner said...

I'm glad to see that in this respect Sydney is no different form most English towns. We have more than our fair share of Greens who want to return to the dark ages, but, unfortunately, in Australia, you have to put up with them in government.

Skeeter said...

This is all part of the Greens' end game. They want to reduce Australia's population — 6 million has been mooted as a target.
There will be plenty of room in the inner cities for the few survivors of their anti-human policies.
And, because Greens are happy to live in unlit caves, the remnants of today's urban infrastructure will be more than adequate to supply their meager needs.

duncan said...

They're just hypocrites.

Typically, its the state luvvies talking up urban consolidation to garner the idiot vote, while the local gov't candidates campaign against any development to snare the NIMBYs.

I noticed the same idiocy in the last round of state and local gov. elections up here in leafy Hornsby / Kuringai