Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Pricks in BMWs

What is it about fat, middle aged wog males in convertible BMWs? There I am, signalling my intention to turn right at a roundabout, meaning I've got right of way over oncoming traffic. I see this silver BMW coming towards me quite fast - when I am committed to the turn, I deduce that he's got no intention of stopping. He's seen me, but he's in a car and I'm on a bike, so I guess he thinks that gives him right of way.

If I had been a less experienced cyclist, I would have been a hood ornament. A badly messed up hood ornament - he must have been doing 50km/h. I know that it doesn't matter if you're in the right or not - you'll end up being the one in traction. Just brake, give them the finger and stay alive.

As I gave him the finger, I noticed he was yapping on his mobile phone too. He saw me alright - the arrogant prick just didn't want to stop, and he didn't care if he killed or injured me.

I like BMWs as cars, but I really hate some of their drivers.

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Brian said...

That be a fat, middle aged wog male alright.