Friday 9 September 2011

Friday photos

NSW Mounted Police
A few public servants went on strike yesterday and held a rally in the Domain. I spotted these mounted police heading away from the Domain after the rally was over. Other people around me were also photographing them - everyone loves a cop on horseback. Unless you're a stinking hippy bludger at a riot about to be ridden down by a mounted police charge. I mentioned the strike to some people in the office - none of them knew it was on. The only comment was, "That explains the lack of traffic this morning". Maybe those public servants should strike more often.

Very grey day

Where did spring go? After a few weeks of beautiful weather, it's like we're back at the start of winter. I was umming and ahhing this morning about whether to wear the spray jacket or not. So glad I did - would have frozen to death otherwise. I quickly regretted not putting on the shoe covers, leg warmers and long gloves. Had a bad case of wet, frozen feet when I got to work. I didn't get a single photo of another cyclist this morning as I didn't see a single other cyclist on the way to work. Clearly, everyone else was sensible enough to take the bus.

What position do you adopt when waiting for the light to change?
Except for this bloke, who I caught up with on the way home. Everyone has their favourite way of perching when stopped. I prefer to keep my bum on the saddle, which means leaning the bike a bit to the left. This bloke is straight upright, and he's sitting on the top tube. Each to their own.


kae said...

Mum phoned last night and complained that it was freezing, and had been freezing all day yesterday.
It's been wet here today, cleared thisafternoon to cold westerly winds.
Forecast is for a very cool morning (for this time of year) at 7C and a high of, I think, 20. Maybe. Tomorrow.
Today it got up to 23 in Brisbane, but rapidly cooled to 15 after the cloud lifted and the westerly kicked in.

cav said...

I think that guy in the upright position is massaging his gonads on the bar.

1735099 said...

Back in 1971 (Springbok demos) I observed the effectiveness of a bag of marbles thrown under mounted police.....