Saturday 3 September 2011

Friday photos

A non-lycra cyclist taking it easy on the way to work. If you can work in casual clothes like jeans, cycling is pretty easy.

Bike and a suit bag
This guy obviously doesn't work in jeans, since he's lugging a suit bag to work.

Rush hour in the bike lane
And there were at least half a dozen banked up behind me as well. That's what happens when you sleep in - you get stuck in traffic like this.

Sunken shopping trolleys

The tide was right up last week - this week it's right down. I counted 8 shopping trolleys in one shallow section of The Bay - there were more to the left and right of this photo. I wonder if the rowers who come up this way ever catch a trolley with their oars?

Oh, to be that skinny.

My Andrew Bolt submission
I emailed this in for the "view from a readers window" section.

More of The Bay at dawn

They go that way...

...and then they go this way.

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