Tuesday 11 January 2011

Tuesday photos

I eyed this yesterday and couldn't help myself - eye had to go back and get a photo - "Artificial Eye Specialist". Who knew such professions existed?

This is a newish bike shop/cafe in Lilyfield - the Bicycle Garage. The eye guy is almost next door. On the spur of the moment, I pulled in here recently just to try their coffee - it's excellent. Really top notch. They're a bit old fashioned in that they don't have a website. Who cares - what would you rather have? Great coffee or a spoofy looking website?

It's going to be grey skies all week, along with a bit of rain. Nothing like the rain the banana benders are getting. More like a spot of drizzle every now and then - just enough to get the humidity up to 99%. It's not hot down here at present, but sheesh, it's sticky and miserable. I want to have a shower every two hours.

Today must have been declared "ride on the footpath day". Everywhere I looked, there were cyclists trundling along the footpaths. None hooning or ducking and weaving in amongst the pedestrians - just people quietly strolling along at a gentle pace, taking it easy and enjoying life.

Meanwhile, back on Planet Earth, I was doing my usual blast past the Hubbards. I've found that I just can't point the camera in the general direction of the subject when taking a photo from side on - I actually have to look at the screen in order to frame the cyclist properly. Very annoying. It's so much easier photographing people from behind.

Like these two.

One of my pet hates - tradesmen who park in the bike lane, and don't bother putting out orange cones to divert traffic around their van. There were two plumbers vans here, and a few blokes ripping up the footpath. Park next to your work site by all means - but put out the cones so that us cyclists have a safe path around your stupid van. I felt like stopping and letting down his tyres - but that would have meant he would have spent another few hours blocking the lane. Much better to just ride past and quietly fume.

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