Friday, 14 January 2011

Thursday photos

I know today is Friday - at least it's Friday here in Sydney. Although it is getting close to Saturday. I've named this "Thursday photos" as I was busy last night and these are the photos from yesterday. As I don't have much time tonight, Friday's photos will be loaded on Saturday. So there.

I didn't do anything arty or funny with the camera to get this shot - I simply set it to auto, pointed and clicked as I rode along. It came out this way - honest. No post-processing performed either. It's actually a good reflection of how the light looked at that time and place on Thursday morning. I'm chuffed with my skill with the camera.

God knows what I did to get this effect - see how it's all blurred and twisted on the right? Camera must have slipped slightly in my glove.

Here is this bloke photographed without any pretentious arty wankiness - he seems to be dangling a few containers of Chinese take away from his handlebars, which would be a strange thing to do at 0700hrs.

What is this - blue shirt morning?

And another blue shirt! Trust me - I didn't set out to photograph only cyclists in blue shirts either.

Phew - a non-blue shirt. Don't worry mate - a few thousand more kilometres, and you'll be as sleek and lithe as me (says he who hasn't seen his navel in a decade).

Bloke doing a bit of overtaking as we go through Pyrmont.

Cyclists bunching up at the Pyrmont Bridge lights. There's a bloody traffic jam of bikes here some mornings.

When I came past here a few days ago, there were several photographers setup here with fancy equipment taking photos of the wall opposite. I figured someone was going to come along and do something special with the wall - like paint a Picasso mural on it or something.

Nope. I was wrong.

Coming home was windy as hell - a good day to fly a kite, which is what this bloke on the beach was doing (the yellow thing is a great big kite). Of course he had to reel it in just as I got my camera out to take the photo.

And that was Thursday. I'm off to bed.

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