Wednesday 5 January 2011

Wednesday photos

The unseasonal cool spell has been great for riding - not too hot, not too cold. It was about 20 degrees when I rode to work, and 24 when I came home. Given that the silly season is still in operation, I slept in this morning and didn't get going until about 8am. There were a lot of other cyclists out and about - either that it the time when they normally ride to work (making me a very early starter), or lots of people have decided that the combination of the sleepy holiday period and the nice weather makes for a good time to ride to work.

One reason I gave up the backpack - the larger models never sit in the middle of your back when you are hunched over. They always fall over to one side or the other - very uncomfortable. There are two bikes way off in the distance in this photo - no matter where I rode this morning, there were a couple of other bikes in sight.

This was not a good place to take one hand off the brakes to take a photo - I need all the braking power I can get on steep descents like this one, and when the bloke in front started to brake hard, I was in a spot of bother. This should be the only photo you'll ever see of this location.

Although it's supposed to be the season of good cheer etc, two idiots did their best to run me off the road today. Both were in a screaming hurry to be somewhere else. I'm seasoned enough to recognise when a driver is in a manic rush, and I do my best to get the hell out of their way, contenting myself with giving them the finger once they have gone past. I also had to yell at a pedestrian who ambled out into the bike lane right in front of me without looking - she was fiddling with her iPod of course. Gave her a nasty fright, and I didn't even have to swear. Hopefully, she will have enough sense not to do that again.

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