Thursday 13 January 2011

Taking orders literally?

I wonder if this undercover cop was told that his mission was to "fuck the protest movement"?

Tonight, a woman came forward to add to accusations that Kennedy in his undercover role had sexual relationships with women in the protest movement. Her allegations raise important questions for his senior police handlers about his conduct while operating undercover.

Giving details about how Kennedy gained her trust and slept with her many times over the course of a year, Anna, 26, said she felt "violated" by the actions of the police officer.

She now questions whether the British police have allowed a string of undercover agents to use sex as a "tactic" to disrupt and glean information about environmental campaigns

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Pedro the Ignorant said...

What happened to the time honoured British copper's testimony " . . I made my excuses and left her premises"?

Modern wallopers/ Pfffttt.