Thursday 6 January 2011

Thursday photos

I hereby declare 2011 to be the year of photographing cyclists from side on. That should disarm my critics who think I am only interested in photographing women's bums. Check out the high elbows on this cyclist - I only look like that when I'm trying to unscrew the cap off a beer bottle.

I obviously still have some way to go in developing my photography from side on skills.

If this bike looks like it has 4 legs, it's because the bloke standing up is getting a dink. Don't see much of that anymore.

There were a horde of photographers with fancy equipment waiting for me at this spot - I smiled graciously as I went past. Those big black screens are some sort of photographic lighting kit. It looked like they were photographing the blank wall of the pub. As there were also a few blokes there with paint tins, I presume they are going to be taking lots of snaps of something interesting being painted on the wall. I'll grab more photos tomorrow.

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