Thursday 13 January 2011

I don't do empathy

The floods in Queensland have brought out the usual Clinton-esque "I feel your pain" comments across teh interwebs.

Sorry, that's not for me.

I can relate to the personal difficulties that friends and acquaintances are having, and I don't mind offering my sympathies or help to them. However, I just can't muster up the gall to offer a hug to all of Queensland. For starters, that would involve hugging Queenslanders, and I'm not sure that would be very pleasant. Especially if they haven't showered for a few days.

I blame Princess Diana for all this mawkish outpouring of faux-sympathy. People feel the need to say the appropriate thing - and after that, they don't have to lift a bloody finger to help. They've expunged their guilt by offering meaningless sympathetic noises.

Yes, accuse me of bah-humbug if you like, but unless you personally know people who have been badly affected or who have died, how about you just clam up and keep your "pain" to yourself. I'm much more impressed by people who give freely of their time and money, and who don't say a thing about it.

Besides, Queenslanders are a tough lot. I'm sure they can do without a lot of southern cockroaches crying over their plight.

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