Monday 8 November 2010

Labor attacks Greens - part II

I got a bit of stick from my last post about Labor attacking the Greens.

Hey, you must be short-sighted or something (maybe one-eyed?).
Can't see much in your thumbnail anyway, but "Labor" is pretty clear when I view the original.
Yes, I am short sighted. And one-eyed. However, that photo that I posted originally was taken at 10x zoom, and I then cropped the photo before publishing it to make the poster (and Labor party logo) as large and visible as possible. I deliberately made the photo as easy to see as possible - as opposed to the actual sign in the real world.

Here is the same sign, taken without zoom and uncropped. Let me know if you can find the sign (hint - it is the orange thing halfway up the power pole in the middle of the photo).

Now you might be able to see why I originally said that the Labor logo was very hard to see, and the authorisation statement at the bottom impossible to read even when standing directly under the sign.

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