Thursday 18 November 2010

Wednesday photos

It's now Thursday, but these photos cover Monday to Wednesday.

Monday was a horrible day - hot and murky in the morning, wet as a Bangkok hooker in the afternoon. It was so hot and muggy during the morning, it was one of those days when I was wishing it would rain, just to cool me off.

This is what the paths looked like - completely empty. It was a lousy day for walking or riding.

Here is a very odd character - he's about to dismount and walk his bike around the rowing sheds. No one does that - and I mean no one. This must be Tuesday, as there was nothing and no one about on Monday to photograph. And it was raining too hard during the afternoon to take the camera out.

A typical scene on our new bike paths in town - a jogger running down the path, running away from the traffic, so that he has no idea what is tearing down the hill behind him. I saw a cyclist yell at a couple of pedestrians on the bike path this week - I'm fed up enough to start yelling too.

How cycling should be - very relaxed, in thongs. If we could just get rid of the compulsory helmet for relaxed riding, things would be grand.

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