Saturday 20 November 2010

Odd looking unrinal

I don't get down to the flash end of town much, so when I am down there, I am one of the few that bothers to stop and sample some of Sydney's artistic delights. One of them is the P&O fountain, which is perhaps more famous today for the part it played in a 1960's obscenity trial.

Here's some better photos of interesting things to see in Sydney. If this sculpture takes your fancy, here is a slideshow of all the artist's work. Interestingly, he did a crucifix for the Royal Military College, Duntroon in the mid 1960s - but I can't find a photo of it anywhere.

I am a bit uncertain as to whether I ever wee'd in this one drunken night during my misspent youth. I suspect I might have. I'm sure I'm not the only one to have done that.
Two other items in these early issues incurred the wrath of the NSW police. One was Martin Sharp's ribald satirical poem about youths gatecrashing a party, entitled "The Word Flashed Around The Arms"; the other another was the now famous Oz #6 cover photograph (pictured at right), which depicted Neville and others pretending to urinate into a wall fountain created by sculptor Tom Bass, which was mounted in the street facade of the Sydney offices of the P&O shipping line and which had recently been unveiled by Prime Minister Menzies.


kae said...

"Badly proofread..."

Why didn't I think of writing a disclaimer like that?

(I'm sure the word has an extra n in it... unrinal?)

kae said...

OOps, sorry. Yes, the water feature looks like an "add some yourself".

Boy on a bike said...

Too tired to type straight!