Thursday 18 November 2010

I am not a complete Philistine

Seen in the Pitt St Mall this week. He's not doing it on the paving stones - he's rolled out a canvas and chalked over that (it's been raining a lot).

Why do governments feel the need to pour so much cash into "art", most of which is atrocious, when we can have things like this? The public was happy to fund this bloke - his buckets were full of coins (quite a lot of them gold), and I chucked in some myself. The public are much better arbiters of taste than bureaucrats and politicians.

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Anonymous said...

Who knew that the simple chalk we used as children could make such magnificence. By far a better investment in the individual artist of our personal pleasure, than government funding of posers displaying offense. I would have tossed a few coins to this real artist.

Deborah Leigh