Monday 8 November 2010

Possibly not the best use of our taxes

There are some marvellous things to be found in the grants section of the Dept of Climate Change.

Like this:

Grant detail
Program title: Shaping an International Solution to Climate Change
Sub-program: Bilateral Climate Change Partnerships
Recipient: Australian National University
Value: $249,609
Purpose: To host and facilitate the 1st Australia-China Climage Change Forum.
Approval date: 1 June 2010

Remember what KRudd said about those "rat fuckers"? Do you think the Chinese will take the slightest notice of what our pubes have got to say?

PS - a quick trawl through the grants shows that all the universities are taking money from the climate change gravy train - which is no surprise. Helps to explain why they're so quick to toe the party line.

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