Sunday 21 November 2010

How gay friendly is your electorate?

Vexnews never ceases to amaze. Andrew Landeryou has managed to dig out a chart listing every federal electorate, along with the percentage that think that homosexuality is immoral. Go have a look at the chart, and read what he has to say.

We're in the electorate of Reid. 30.6% of those surveyed in this electorate think being gay is immoral.

I was a bit shocked to read that, but then again, this is a diverse electorate. Down the eastern end in Drummoyne, I'm sure the percentage who think being gay is immoral would be in single digits. However, over here in Five Wog, being gay will probably get you bashed at 1am on Saturday outside the local pub. Five Wog, funnily enough, is full of wogs - Italians and Greeks. Machismo rules supreme. I'm sure all the gay wogs decamped to saner pastures a long time ago.

The far western part of the electorate takes in Auburn - a very Muslim area. The percentage out there that think being gay is not immoral is probably in single digits.

Here's something of interest, given that Bob Brown comes from Tasmania. Tasmania has five federal electorates. Three of them have "immoral" percentages over 34% - Bass (36.8%), Braddon (35.1%) and Lyons (34.8%). These are all in the top fifth of "immoral" electorates - those that aren't very gay friendly.

Franklin (26.3%) and Dennison (20.2%) and down the quieter end.

It's interesting that the Greens are pushing gay marriage, given that the home state of their top dog is possibly the most unfriendly towards gays in the nation!


Steve at the Pub said...

This Andrew Landeryou, who the article in the link, needs to brush up on his geography.

He refers to "Labour Lefty Kirsten Livermore's electorate in far north Queensland".

Her electorate isn't in far north Queensland.
It isn't even in North Queensland.

It is firmly in Central Queensland.
An important distinction.

Perhaps somebody should buy him a map of Australia for Christmas?

Boy on a bike said...

Everything north of the Tweed is FNQ as far as I am concerned.