Saturday 6 November 2010

Friday photos

It's been a miserable week in Sydney - grey, wet and horrible. I've been dreading the thought of having to change a flat tyre - sitting by the side of the road in the rain is no fun. Wet weather always seems to produce more glass on the roads - it either gets washed out of nooks and crannies, or more idiots smash into each other, breaking headlights and so on, and it never gets swept up.

At least I got through the week without a flat - unlike this poor sod.

It was too wet to take the camera out most of the time, and there was no one to photograph. Cyclists were few and far between. I don't care - once you're wet, you're wet; and there are hot showers waiting at the other end. It hasn't been cold - a spray jacket has been too much some days and I've steamed up. Some people don't like swimming when it's raining - "I'll get wet". Duh. Riding in the rain is all about getting over that psychological hurdle that stops you walking outside in the rain.

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