Sunday 7 November 2010

Labor starts attacking Greens

Most of the councils around this way are Labor dominated - except for the greentards in Balmain-Leichhardt. The state seat of Balmain is tipped to go from Labor to Green at the election in March.

These orange signs have started sprouting around Leichhardt - they say "Come on Council. Finish upgrading Leichhardt Oval".

What is completely unobvious, unless you stop and peer at it closely (like I did) is that this is a Labor produced sign. I couldn't read who authorised it - that's in print so small, you'd need to rip the sign down and use a magnifying glass to read it.

So Labor are finally putting the boot into the Greens - but this signage is fascinating. The colour is not a traditional Labor colour. The Labor logo is so small, only really observant people would notice it. It's an attack by Labor that doesn't seem to be coming from Labor.

Interesting. Wonder what trick they'll try next?


Anonymous said...

Come off it mate! There's a labor party logo on the sign that I can read even from your photo FCS.
It's common knowledge that labor has been battling the greens in Leichhardt for years over sporting facilities in general & the Tigers RL club in particular.

tiger70 said...

Hey, you must be short-sighted or something (maybe one-eyed?).
Can't see much in your thumbnail anyway, but "Labor" is pretty clear when I view the original.

Not surprising that sport seems to be a point of difference. The Greens seems to want to act like intellectual snobs.

NIMBYs win every time over use of open space for sport, helping a local club or development of Leichhardt oval.. one of the jewels of the area.