Thursday 15 April 2010

Thursday photos

The chilly mornings have arrived - the long sleeved jerseys have been extracted from the back of the wardrobe where they have been lurking for 6 or 7 months.

Another long sleeved, cold morning commuter. Action shots over the shoulder aren't easy to get right.

I tried an "underhand" reverse action shot - and all I got was the camera strap.

This photo doesn't show it that well, but when I got on the ANZAC bridge yesterday morning, there was a string of bikes strung out from end to end. Hordes even.

Like this.

In order to get there though, I had to navigate through the stupid pedestrians of Leichhardt. The lady in red on the far left exclaimed "Shit!" loudly as I went past her - for some reason, she was shocked and surprised to be passed by a bike whilst walking in a bike lane - a bike lane that is coloured pink (to differentiate it from the foot path) and has bike symbols painted on it every 50 yards and has signs on poles proclaiming its bikey-ness.

I am glad to say I did not surprise these dogs in the same way, and they didn't bite me or try and run under my front wheel.

Another long sleeved, rugged up, cold morning commuter. It's been 13 degrees most mornings, which is not that bad. It's not cold enough to resort to long fingered gloves or shoe covers or legs warmers (although I have seen a few of those about, mainly on riders who look like they have been riding since 5am) - but it's cold enough to require two layers. Although I am pretty hot and slightly sweaty by the time I get off the bridge, the cold returns as soon as I hit the canyons of the city. The shadows and wind tunnels created by the tall office buildings bring the chill factor into play, and I never, ever regret that under layer.

More early morning crowds.

Racing the monorail as it enters a station - as we ride along the tram tracks.

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