Sunday 11 April 2010

Four cyclists hit by truck, one dead

Four cyclists out for a training ride were hit by a truck on the M4 yesterday morning. One is dead, the other three are pretty beaten up.

Flicking through the comments yesterday, I saw a few that said, "What were they doing on the M4?" Here's a map of where they were hit - the corner of The Northern Road.

Simple - that section of M4 is marked as an "on road" cycle way. Here's a screen grab from an RTA map of cycle routes in the Penrith area (this is the worst on line map I have ever seen by the way).

If you look at the first (readable) map again, you'll also see that there are very few east-west routes that anyone can take in this area thanks to the topography and road layout. It's the M4 or nothing.

And to cap it off, not even walking on the footpath is safe anymore.


bruce said...

Noted. Did they solve the mystery of the deceased lady in the middle of Iron Cove Bridge? Thought you may have some insight into it. Of course sub-judice maybe so whatever.

Boy on a bike said...

Utterly no idea what happened on the Iron Cove Bridge - complete mystery. As she was found at 2am (I think), she might have been staggering back across the bridge from the Bridge Hotel, fallen over and whacked her head on the road. Could be as basic as that.