Wednesday 21 April 2010

The Fog

It wasn't quite John Carpenter's "The Fog" this morning. But for Sydney, it was pretty foggy.

The way the light and fog combined at this spot made it absolutely blinding. The sun is shining through a gap between two buildings, and my eyes whited out just like the camera did. No funny Photoshop stuff here.

The Bay was pretty murky.

The rowers had to stick close to shore to avoid getting lost in the murky depths.

Normally at this spot, I'd be looking straight at the city. Not this morning.

It wasn't cold though. I had to peel off my 2nd layer after 5km - I was starting to cook. Then it got up to 28 this afternoon - it's like summer is never going to end.

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kae said...

Hey, great fog pix of the light between the buildings!

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