Tuesday 13 April 2010

I hate idiot journalists

Such simple things...but why does the media continue to get it wrong?

The Aus ran a story yesterday on the violence in Thailand. I read it in a cafe, in the paper edition, so it was accompanied by a photo (unlike the on line version). The paper edition showed a protester holding up a live bullet, and the caption said something like, "This protester is holding bullets fired by the Army".

Idiots. The rounds still had the pointy bits in them. There are plenty of photos on the interweb showing spent casings from the same incident - here are two below. Clearly, the point bits on the end are missing, so these might have been used to shoot a protester. However, a round with the pointy bit still attached has not been fired, so could not have been used to kill anyone (unless it was hammered into someone's head with a mallet).

For fuck's sake people, get it right!


Shane Kerr said...

You must see the dissident frogman's take on this kind of thing. Hysterical.

Boy on a bike said...

His "shooty, no-shooty" masterpiece was my inspiration for this post.