Tuesday 13 April 2010


Junior has been away for a week. He got back tonight. I can tell, as we have a couple of 2 litre bottles that we keep in the fridge for cold water.

Who else would put one of them back - after emptying it - without bothering to fill it up first?

Teenagers. At what point do they start to develop a bit of common sense?


M said...

Same with Tween-agers. Girl tween has been away since Monday and I notice that the packet of Pizza Shapes purchased on Sunday night is still there. And she tells me that she's not the one that steals them.

Busted, I say.

kae said...


Grunt boys about. My friend's son was nicknamed grunt boy when the testosterone kicked in.

My brother has become grunt man - maybe it's to do with the haemochromatosis and arthritis, etc.