Monday 12 April 2010

Monday photos

There was going to be only one photo today, but I thought "who wants to read a post with only one photo?", so I dug an unused one up from last week. The road crew working on the bike lane through Pyrmont have reached the trickiest part - the section near the Pyrmont Hotel. Lots of road has been ripped up and the road reduced to one lane each way. Strangely enough, this has not resulted in mega road-rage from the motoring public. I'm yet to see one fist-shaking, red-faced taxi driver doing his nut. The road works make life interesting though, as the single lane does not leave much room for bikes and cars. It's not so squeezy.

A bloke around the back of Darling Harbour. Nice shaved legs with very pronouned muscles.

I don't know what happened this afternoon, but I was on fire. It could have been the dumping of a kilo of snot this morning, or a good lunch of gado-gado with rice, or reading about Tony Abbott doing a tough ride yesterday. Whatever it was, I thumped it on the way home. Hills - pfft. I just tore up them.

I'm paying the price now though. The legs are like jelly, and I am sure I have pulled a groin muscle. I'm also ready for bed at 2100hrs. Totally knackered. Abbott did 145km yesterday over some very nasty mountains. It will take me 4 days to do the same on relatively flat ground, and I am rooted. He must be as fit as a very fit bastard.

After all the knocking that Abbott has taken in regard to his cycling, top marks to The Aus for actually sending a journo out there to see what it is all about. I hope the poor bugger lives to ride and write another day. As far as The Aus is concerned, I think the worm has turned.

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Ubique of Perth said...

The Oz in recent months has been doing a great job exposing the BER, insulation and illegal immigrant fiascos - a collection of the greatest public policy disasters of the past century.

I'm sure The Oz is deeply regretting nominating the KRudd as their Australian Of The Year just three months ago. An asinine choice.